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Welcome to E-Z Power Tools, LLC

We at E-Z Power Tools, LLC are specialized in designing & manufacturing contractor grade portable diesel generators, standby diesel generators, portable gasoline generators and power equipments. Not only can we offer you high quality products at a good price, but we can also provide you with the best customer service and warranty. With E-Z Power, you will never worry about obtaining quality products or replacement parts.

Our portable diesel generators have the features of electric start, wireless remote start and glow plug. Wireless remote glow plug is also available, especially developed for the use of truck drivers. These heavy duty diesel generators are very popular with trucking, constructing, mining and roofing companies, farms, fire stations and military fields. You can conveniently and fully remote control the unit with wireless remote start and wireless remote glow plug whenever in hot summer or cold winter season.

The lights will go out and when they do, we want you to be prepared. Our products provide optimum support for your home or business during these unexpected moments of darkness. EZ generators supply safe and dependable power when outages occur, whether it be required for a few hours or many days. Most of our products can be directly shipped to your door.