Thank you for viewing the OptiGenerators Products page.  All generators and power equipment that we carry can be found here in one convenient page.  If you prefer, you can browse our products by category from the menu at the left.

Gasoline Generators

Model Description Price Order
OPTI950CL 800 Watt Gasoline Generator $129.00
OPTI1200CL 1200 Watt Gasoline Generator $339.00
OPTI3000CL 3.0KW Gasoline Generator $499.00
OPTI6800CLE 6.5KW Gasoline Generator $999.00
OPTI8000CLE 8.0KW Gasoline Generator $1099.00

Diesel Generators

Model Description Price Order
OPTI4000DE 4.0KW Open Frame Diesel Generator $1199.00
OPTI6800DE 6.5KW Open Frame Diesel Generator $1399.00
OPTI6800SDE 6.5KW Silent Diesel Generator $1999.00
OPTI6800DEW 3.5KW Open Frame Diesel Welder Generator $1699.00
OPTI6800T-APU 6.5KW Silent Diesel Truck Generator $2495.00

Natural Gas Generators

Model Description Price Order
OPTI3000NCL 3.0KW Natural Gas Generator $599.00
OPTI6800NCLE 6.5KW Natural Gas Generator $1199.00

Power Equipment

Model Description Price Order
OPTIGP80 6.5HP 3" Gasoline Water Pump $399.00
OPTIDP100 11HP 4" Diesel Water Pump $799.00
OPTI3000PSI 3000PSI Gasoline Power Washer $499.00
OPTIG011 6.5 HP Gasoline Air Compressor $899.00
OPTIZ56 4000 RPM Gasoline Power Mower $599.00